After 30 years as a professional photographer, shooting ad campaigns and editorials for the entertainment industry, I was compelled to embark on a new journey.   I craved something very different, challenging and to my surprise, life altering.  I had the good fortune of landing an internship at Rainbeau Ridge, a year round produce and goat cheese farm in Bedford Hills, New York.  Suddenly, I was part of a whole new world, the local progressive food scene a la Michael Pollan.   It wasn’t long before I was learning organic farming, developing husbandry skills and making award winning goat cheese that I sold weekly at local farmers’ markets, delivered to restaurants and traditional markets.  I was hooked.

While the experience at Rainbeau Ridge was very special, I grew quite aware of the incredible amount of food not sold during peak season, and it was upsetting. This waste was due to a lack of time and manpower for cold call selling to restaurants and markets, let alone making deliveries to the food bank a few miles away.   

Another thorn was learning of a few restaurants that occasionally purchased the goat cheese and “eco-fibbed” featuring the prized cheeses on their menu for months. Unfortunately this was and is a prevalent problem across the nation.

Grabbling food waste, hunger and eco-fibbing are anything but appealing.  But, as a problem solver, this inspired me to do something about it.  And there was no time to waste.  Peak Plate was created for farmers to efficiently move product, and for innovative chefs and passionate diners demanding transparency and outright clean food.   The embodiment of getting sustainable food in a way that guarantees trust and transparency while supporting chefs and sustainable farmers, ranchers, fishers, specialty food purveyors and food banks, is our mission.